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Simulations of a business process belong to the family of analytical methodologies, used to improve the decisions process.

This technique offers a unique test bed on which to challenge current ways of working and an experimental environment in which to test new ideas, policies and strategies.

Using Anylogic as our simulation developing tool we represent the process you are trying to improve : Production, Logistics, Finance, Healthcare, Agriculture, Transportation, etc, and we give you the tool so you can play with options and analyze them or let the tool find the optimal according to your input criteria goal.

Find the Optimal Decisions!

Methodologies such as System Dynamics, Discrete Event and Agent Based are used by us to develop the model that better suits your needs. The tool we choose to develop our models is Anylogic, that uses the three of them. 


With our BI background, we integrate the simulation results to improve your planning or analytical solutions.

A well-designed model and properly executed simulation create new knowledge by providing a risk free world in which to explore the potential future impact of your decisions.

Our consultancy service will help you develop a model, and use it for “ What if “ analysis.

With the model you will be able to evaluate, compare and optimize, alternatives designs, plans or policies for a specific process of the company or detect the bottle necks of your flows.

Completely integrated with your real Data.

 SIMULATIONS are Useful in a wide spectrum of areas
  Logistics - Production - Marketing - Finance - Agriculture - Healthcare - Transportation -
       Some of the Issues you may be looking an answer for:

Do you need to decide the acquisition of a new product?

Would you like identify the most relevant marketing actions in your Net Present Value?

Are you needing to run a Sensitivity Analysis?

Need to evaluate the risk of alternative investments?

 Do you need to decide which trips to do, which contracts to commit, where to allocate your resources?

   &  much more ......

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