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Fluvial Routes & Cargo Planning Simulator
Decisions benefits from better analytics.

An adaptable Simulation model, that helps planning routes and operation of your fleet, considering all restrictions, security measures and delays that are relevant in the operation. AT the same time, an Optimizer of routes, convoys size, and fleet size, that maximize the Net Voyage Revenue.

Before Push Boats commit to a contract, it is necessary to evaluate, according to restrictions and geographical situation, the  Net Voyage Revenue for that contract within the whole fleet context analysis.

What is It?

It is a logistic simulator of barges and push boats traffic along inland waterways.

We have modeled each strategic component of the operation : Barge, Contract, Push Boat & Port.

 It is a simulator that decides at each port and for each Barge, which freight to load, for Push Boats, which route to follow, for Convoys, their size and structure, all with real Data and running time, for a 5 years cycle or the time you choose.

How it Works?

Barges and Push Boats are located in the place and moment the decision has to be taken.

The  Model calculates Time Charter Equivalent for each active/available Contract and recommends the best Convoy configuration, taking into account all potential parameters and geographical and meteorological constraints.

Output shows plan routes for Push boats and Convoys in a short or long term basis. It also estimates Contract figures.

It shows Push boats occupancy along the year, locations and drifts of resources from one contract to another.


Why Should I ?

 Simulate a long term Fluvial Operation?

 Scheduling an operation implies considering:

Contracts caractersitics.

Ports Dynamics and limitations.

Pushboats and Barges states and capacities.

Weather and geographical limitations.

The Simulator analyze all variables together and iterate within themselves to choose contracts and routes that maximize Net Voyage Revenue. As a result you will have the propose plan and you will also have scenarios input to analyze by yourself alternatives. 

ONE MODEL, different Experiments!

Explore all possible Scenarios.

Maximize your Revenue of your assets! 


Different Uses


Simulate and analyze different production scenarios, for the following twelve moving months of demand, open by SKUs and production lines. The simulator will let them know production needs in units and batches, according to demand, initial inventory, and “real production” estimated month by month, using periodization criteria and minimum production policies, defined by the user.

Play Scenarios


Optimize the production and preproduction needed to avoid Stock-Outs for all SKUs. Within 100 automatic runs, the simulator will reproduce all the necessary production within the available capacity, prioritizing the products shelf life and minimizing warehouse costs.

Optimize Capacity


Minimize Inventory

Optimize the use of production lines, starting with an optimized production plan, without stock-outs. CAPACITY OPTIMIZER output will be used as input of this third experiment. Within this simulation, the analytical engine will look to complete the use of monthly available capacities.



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