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Production Planning Simulator
Planning benefits from better analytics.
Our rough cut capacity analyzer and optimizer model will build  the optimal Production Plan.

This Tool simulates the production for n factories and production lines according to demand and capacity constrains  in Different Scenarios.


We generally schedule production lines according to expected demand.  A lot of questions arise, to optimize our production capacity, minimize stock outs, minimize inventory costs, and satisfy demand.

How to Produce and Optimize your Demand Plan with your Resources?
Which is the key to have the best possible Production Plan, and be able to rebuild it in seconds?
How to minimize Stock outs and back orders, keeping inventory costs at minimum?

What is It?

Based on simulation methodology and tools, we have designed and developed a customizable Production simulation model, interconnected with their S&OP planning platform.

We deliver a production plan that satisfies your demand, and proposes a plan where it optimize the use of free lines capacities according to constrains and prioritization criteria.

How it Works?

The simulator will first show the proposed plan, outpointing stock-outs and backorders that can be expected.


Scenarios input will allow you  to explore different situations such as: the need of closing lines during certain periods, modify equipment efficiency, modify resources availability and human resources schedules. You may  change SKU’s priorities, and analyze expected impact on revenue ( due to stock out valorization).

Why Should I ?

Demand is our input for our Production Plan. Demand  changes and has forecast error. Inventory also changes as actual sales are loaded.

So a tool that helps you reschedule in seconds, detect stock outs and

using Automatic Production Anticipation Feature, use free capacity to minimize stock outs, keeping inventory costs at minimun, will help you save a lot of time and money.

ONE MODEL, different Experiments!

Explore the Potential of your DATA 

Simulation & Analytics

Different Uses


Simulate and analyze different production scenarios, for the following twelve moving months of demand, open by SKUs and production lines. The simulator will let them know production needs in units and batches, according to demand, initial inventory, and “real production” estimated month by month, using periodization criteria and minimum production policies, defined by the user.

Play Scenarios


Optimize the production and preproduction needed to avoid Stock-Outs for all SKUs. Within 100 automatic runs, the simulator will reproduce all the necessary production within the available capacity, prioritizing the products shelf life and minimizing warehouse costs.

Optimize the use of production lines, starting with an optimized production plan, without stock-outs. CAPACITY OPTIMIZER output will be used as input of this third experiment. Within this simulation, the analytical engine will look to complete the use of monthly available capacities.


Optimize Capacity & Minimize Inventory


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