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Venture Capital Analysis Tool
Investments benefits from better analytics.
Do you ever ask "what if?" before taking a venture decision?

This Tool simulates your future Investment in Different Scenarios.


The future is hard to predict. Still, it is possible to give decision makers a sense of the kind and class of risk and reward they are assuming with a new venture. This venture may be launching a  new product, investing in a new company, new equipment, etc.

Investors are confronted frequently with investments whose current value must be estimated in spite of the fact that so much of the reward lies in the future.

What is It?

An application that estimates P&L key indicators, NPV, IRR and Even year, in different Scenarios.


Analyze Venture Capital options and Venture Capital risks ( runs Montecarlo analysis), and compare them in the same output.

Includes probabilistic distributions, for stochastic variables.

How it Works?

 Net Income for Products or companies, are projected for some terminal year.

Our model loads your data from excel​ , estimates  net income  based on a “success scenario" and​ then calculates the key figures of venture capital method : Net present Value, Internal Rate Return and Even Year, for success scenario as well as many different scenarios you would like to evaluate.

Why Should I ?

You will be able to make better decisions.

By estimating the results, in different scenarios and testing the performance of your product or investment, you estimate the impact on the final results and have a good view of what to expect.


 Sensitivity Analysis and Tornado Analysis, will allow you to quantif the impact of your planned actions. 

ONE MODEL, different Experiments!

Explore the Potential of your DATA, 

Simulation & Analytics


  • Within a Company

You know the impact of different situations, and what is needed to increase revenue. You need to play with your variables , with different scenarios and a evaluate results.

Outside Investments

You do have information of different projects, know the P&L and expected cash flows and will like to look at the risk and return of the investment faced to the impact of external variables.


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